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Welcome To The Crawlspace Audio Blog!

Welcome artists and audio people!

This is a blog that I will share both really broad helpful topics and some niche stuff very specific to the projects I'm working on at the time and an inside look at some good and bad things that I learn along the way.

Some content will included:

- How to videos

- Audio and artist education

- Tips and tricks

- Reviews

- Project review to explain how or why I did something more in depth per artist or record

- Music business

- Whatever else you want from me

I want to be a resource for indie artists and share helpful information that matters to you so feel free to contact me or leave comments asking questions and I'll be sure to answer if I know or find you a good resource if I can't.

Big thank you to everyone who has ever recorded or worked with me in the past and very excited to potentially work with some of you in the future.

Much love!


Crawlspace Audio

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