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Crawlspace Audio - Transparent backgroun

There's more content than ever being created today and I love being a part of it. Hosting a podcast with over 6,000 downloads and writing and performing music behind content is a passion for me. I think every business and artist should have content they create regularly that helps their customers and fans find them. You have a story to tell and I want to help people hear that.


Podcast & Audio Book Production

Want to start a podcast or record your book for Amazon? I can guide you or edit and process.

Music Creation & Scoring

Need music created to back your content? I've made music for podcast intros, guided meditations, and short film.

Audio Restoration

Sometimes you get great audio but it needs some love. I have restored music off tape and processed live recordings.

Re-amping & Triggering

If you have good recordings but need a stronger guitar and drum sound in your mix I have access to tons of cabs and kits to add. 


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