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I love working with indie artists because I am one. I've been playing in punk and hardcore bands in New England since I was fifteen and I know what it's like to be on both sides of the glass. We live in the best time ever to create. At any moment you can record affordably and distribute your art throughout the world with the click of a button.

Between my start in traditional music, playing in rock bands, and listening to modern pop and rap I truly love working with a range of artists always looking for the emotion and raw feelings in their sound. The first take when you went off your gut, the last take when you were super tired.


My job is to keep issues out of your way and let you focus on making great music. I always hated working in studios where the environment felt uptight, like I couldn't touch anything or was doing something wrong by being there and not getting it on the first take. You've had the sound of your song in your head forever and it's my job to figure out how to get it out. 


I like to create, I like to help others create.

All that producing means is helping to create and influence the sound of the recording. I don't ever make artists do anything with THEIR music but I always tell them my ideas along the way. Sometimes it can be as simple as coming up with a backing vocal harmony, other times it could be putting an anvil in the song to make the snare drum pop. Every project is different but I'm here to be creative with you.


Recording is the actual process of taking in the sound and capturing it in a way that the audio is clear and the best it can be.  Every instrument and every genre have certain mic techniques, instruments, or processors that sound best for that style. This is where we can be creative with HOW we record the sound to get the taste you want.


Mixing is taking the recordings that have been done and making them work together as friends.  Even if you record the instruments the best way possible on the greatest gear you need to mix it for the best sound. Instruments often have some of the same frequencies as each other and not every instrument needs all those to sound good. Mixing is carving out the bad stuff, highlighting the good and creating space and an experience out of the recordings.


Mastering is the final step of making your song ready for a release to your listener. It is the magic and the glue that finishes a song. Every move is subtle but it makes a huge difference. Usually your song will be louder, a little more compressed, and a lot more clean sounding than it did even from a great mix. I'm not going to lie there is a lot of dark arts and voodoo in this step.





Gregory Dillon

Indie Pop


This man is a champ, both as an engineer and as a human being. You rarely meet people who are so passionate about taking an artist's vision to it's full fruition. David has mixed many of my tracks over the past three years. He is a really creative musician which helps when trying out different ideas in the studio and a really great coach while working under a writers block. He's always been speedy with deadline and extremely accommodating to my budget. This engineer is perfect for any artist at any stage.


Ethryic & B. Snair

Alternative Hip Hop


Dave is the best! He helped work on my album tirelessly until it was complete. He was compassionate and patient through the entire process with me (even though I can be pretty particular and picky with my art.) He is highly knowledgeable and skilled with his craft and is also a talented musician in his own right. He added some special touches to the songs that I would have never thought of doing that really made them pop! If you want to hear his work for yourself check out the engineering quality on The Five Elements EP by Ethyric & B. Snair. I’m excited to work with him again in the future! Thanks Dave!


Nicholas Martinez

Christian Rock


I was inspired to do a project featuring the different genres of music that impacted my musical background. When I brought the project to
Dave, he jumped behind it 100%, which was the extra push I needed to

actually follow threw with the album. The album had many components go
in to it, and many different challenges. Dave took them and really
helped put the many pieces of the project together. The working
environment was professional, but friendly and allowed for creativity
to flow. From the first note recorded to the final master, ideas were
freely shared and a great product was the result. Dave is more then an
engineer who pushes buttons amd turns nobs. He is a creative and
passionate individual, and that is the kind of person that every
artist needs to be working with.

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